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Virus Killer | Hulda Clark Zapper “Frequency Generator”


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  • Highest quality pocket zapper available
  • Professionally engineered & reliable
  • More precise output because of more exacting engineering
  • Ships & made in USA

Produced by real degreed electronic engineers in an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military-level testing and quality management. Absolutely guaranteed to create the precise output signal specified by Dr. Hulda Clark.

  • 30 KHz positive offset (to latest specs, 0.25v) square wave with 50% duty cycle
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Flexible, hardwired leads with strong alligator clips for quick connects
  • Included 6″ copper pipes with lustrous finish and finely beveled edges
  • Easily accessible battery compartment (no tools needed)

Micro circuitry allows this ergonomic design. Constructed with fantastic care, no detail is overlooked. This really is a superlative implementation of Dr. Clark’s Zapper, mass made by exacting engineers so that you can conduct your experiments with higher confidence. This is also a green-friendly device that contains no lead and is created with the preservation of the environment in mind! Notice: unit doesn’t ship with battery.

Virus Killer Frequency Generator | The Hulda Clark Zapper

Every living creature emits a frequency. Humans are at the highest (and widest) frequencies. Dogs and cats are at a much lower frequency. Bacteria, viruses & pathogens at the absolute lowest. If you match that frequency with a frequency generator you can effectively eliminate that virus or pathogen.

The first researcher who discovered this was Royal Rife in the 1930s. Dr Hulda Clark expanded on these theories in the 1980s & 90s with her own frequency generator or “zapper”
She also invented a Syncrometer which actually measures the frequency emitted by any animal or pathogen. Wrongfully dismissed by the mainstream medical establishment , now these “theories” are being proven by science.  A similar technology invented by Dr Charles Cain is described here using matching sound waves to destroy cancer pathogens.

Electronic Radio Frequency Generator

Back in 1988, Dr. Hulda Clark found a brand new approach to scan human anatomy organs, dependent on visible radio frequencies. She found that every living thing (even the recently deceased) have specific frequencies it broadcasts, and these may be detected using a device she invented which she coined the Syncrometer.

While leaving the test animal or human host body unaffected, she found a frequency generator can eliminate these dangerous pathogens & parasites. She called this frequency generator a zapper. The specifics of her studies and directions to use a frequency generator are detailed in her book The Cure for All Diseases.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind, in the process of using this experimental device your test subject will be killing off many viruses. In the process of eliminating them, they will release other bacteria into the test subject’s system. The test subject must use the device for a minimum of 30 continuous minutes or they can become much more sick from the mass release of these bacteria. Also, the device will eliminate all good bacteria in the process so immediately supplement with probiotics or yogurt after minimum 30 minutes of zapping.

Virus Killer Frequency Generator Zapper

Because of FDA regulations, we cannot recommend these devices for personal or individual use. Please only purchase for scientific research & we look forward to seeing your published results.




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