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Phenylpiracetam | 10 Grams Nootropic Powder

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Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic compound in the racetams group, first synthesized in 1983.. Phenylpiracetam has near 100% bioavailability.

We guarantee over 99% purity. Third Party Certificate of Analysis Available Upon Request.

Singular Biotech makes no claims as to any benefits provided by this product. All chemical compounds have risks. Please research scientific data before purchase & use only as described. This product is not approved by the FDA & is intended for research purposes only.

Sample Clinical Results:

In a study (double-blind randomized controlled trial) on 400 stroke patients, normal brain activity improved after a year of phenylpiracetam treatment [15].

Phenylpiracetam improved the memory test scores of 55 asthenia (an abnormal lack of energy) and 59 chronic fatigue syndrome patients [171].

Phenylpiracetam increased the number of dopamine receptors in rats with memory loss, which resulted in improved memory and recall [418].

In a prospective cohort study, phenylpiracetam lowered anxiety and depression in 99 patients with brain damage (from surgery or stroke) after one month of treatment [12].

A study of 1170 patients with chronic low blood flow in the brain (ischemia) and chronic fatigue syndrome found that taking phenylpiracetam for one month reduced fatigue [25].

Recommended Dosage: 100mg per day, depending on animal weight & size.

Form: Nootropic Compound Powder

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