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Buy Wholesale NAD+ 100mg for Sale Online (Unbranded Box of 10 for Resellers)

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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a naturally occurring coenzyme present in all living cells, plays a pivotal role in maintaining cellular health and promoting longevity. Its diverse benefits include facilitating cellular energy production, supporting DNA repair and upkeep, activating sirtuins associated with longevity pathways, providing neuroprotection, and regulating metabolism. According to numerous research studies, increasing NAD+ levels leads to benefits such as increased energy, sharper cognitive function, improved metabolic health & anti-aging. The growing body of research on NAD+ highlights its potential as a key component of preventive healthcare and strategies for combating aging, offering a promising avenue for optimizing overall well-being.

Cellular Energy Production, DNA Repair and Maintenance, Sirtuin Activation and Longevity, Neuroprotection and Cognitive Health, Metabolic Health and Weight Management

Pharmacy Grade. Third Party Certificate of Analysis Available Upon Request.

*Singular Biotech makes no claims as to any benefits provided by this product, please research documented scientific studies before purchase & use only as described.

This product is not approved by the FDA. Not for human consumption. For Lab Research or Veterinary Use Only.

This is an unbranded box of deeply discounted wholesale peptides for resellers. Please note there will be no labels or branding of any kind.

Ingredients: 100mg Vials NAD+

Shipping: All wholesale products ship USPS Priority Mail from our warehouse in California. Please note wholesale products are being compounded 100% custom for you and turnaround time will be approximately 3-4 weeks.

Buy Wholesale NAD+ 100mg for Resellers & Researchers | Unbranded White Label Peptides Online

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