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1 Person Portable Camping & Hanging Tent Bed | Triangle Suspension Tree Tent | Outdoor Traveling Ultralight Waterproof Hammock | Burning Man & Music Festival Hippie Tents

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Camping Hanging Tent Bed 1 Person Triangle Suspension Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Ultralight Portable Waterproof Hammock Tents



1. Be extraordinary, stay revolutionary, create a new way to enjoy the outdoors.
2. Take your camping experience to a new level! Our tree tents combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person-occupancy of a tent.
3. Our range of suspended shelters are unimpeded by wet, rocky or uneven ground conditions.
4. Tri-angle bottom, it is just common sense that tri-angle is the stablest planar structure and it would not be out of shape easily.
5. With a tri-angle tree tent, you just need to find three trees for it, but with a quadrangle tree tent, you need to find four at least.
6. There are no limits about how to use a tree tent. It can be used as a playground for the children. It can be used as a portable tree house that you can take anywhere. It can be used for sleeping in your backyard. It can be used in such outdoor activities as camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking tour, self-driving travel, safari, adventure and expedition. It can be used in your parties and festivals. It can be used in wildlife filming and scientific research. It can be used in tree climbing training and scout boy program. It can be used in any way you can come up with.

Package includes:

One Mini tree tent and two poles
A removable flysheet
A lightweight durable bag
3 straps (6m/19.5ft)
Pegs x 2
Wind proof rope x 2
Manual x 1


How to set up a tree tent:
1. Choose three anchor points and girth long straps to trees. Then attach the straps and D rings with cow hitch and make the tent lie flat.
2. Thread poles through sleeve and plug into plastic sockets to fix the inner tent.
3. Throw rain cover over the body of the tent and secure by lacing bungees around straps, then hook.
4. Peg out the rain cover for best protection and create an entrance porch.
5. After tightened, tri-angle tree tent would become roomy and sag little. More than one person can sleep in it.
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Note: The color of Mini tree tent is in blue bottom with grey mesh. There are three colors for rainfly for you to choose, they are blue, grey and green. (Due to continuous innovation and improvements,specifications can change without notice.)
Terms of use:
1. Read all instructions carefully and watch set-up videos.
2. Don’t use tensioning components other than those supplied with our products.
3. Don’t set up higher than 1.2 meter/4 feet from the ground or above hard, sharp or pointy objects.
4. Tactile and visual checks should be made to all tent components and all anchor points before each use.
5. Replace any damaged elements found.
6. Keep away from fire and sharp objects.
7. Don’t use after consuming any intoxicating substances.
8.Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
9. Don’t use during lightning storms and winds.
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Shipping: This product ships via ePacket from China. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 80.0 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in


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