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Medical Supplies

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  • Reusable PM2.5 Air Purifier Respirator Face Mask | IN STOCK – SHIPS FROM USA – Dust Haze Anti Pollution Protection | Single Activated Carbon FDA Certified Sealed

    $29.99 $19.99
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    NEW individually sealed activated carbon certified reusable and stylish masks. Free & fast shipping from Los Angeles, CA, USA. Single Reusable Mask Active Carbon Pre-filter and Cotton. Purpose: protection, dust, pollen, industrial dust, cement dust, haze, micro-organisms and other non-greasy particles using the opportunity. Personal protection. colds, viruses, dust particles and soot Exhalation Valve for Extra Comfort ; Low Breathing resistance with High Filtration ...

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  • CPAP Mask UV + Ozone Cleaner & Sanitizer | More Affordable with Clean Technology

    $149.99 $127.00
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    CPAP UV & Ozone Cleaner & Sanitizer - Comparable & More Affordable than the alternatives. Condition is New. 4 Adapters are Included for CPAP Tubes & Hose. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This CPAP /  APAP / BPAP Cleaner combines the best of both worlds. Most systems use either UV or Ozone cleaning. Our system offers both technologies - at less than half the price! Cheap prices & incredible quality in one amazing unit. We offer BOTH the UV system AND Ozone Hose Sanitizing like the other major brands at ...

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  • EPC KN95 Mask

    $49.99 $24.99
    2800 items sold

    SOLD OUT! We recommend these newer, more affordable PM2.5 masks which use the same type of activated carbon filter as the N95 masks. The activated carbon filter is what filters out over 95% of airborne particles and what makes the N95 masks so sought after. PM2.5 is a lesser known name but used the same technology. Our New, Stylish & Reusable Masks - In Stock, Ships from USA! Kn95, Single Reusable N95 Mask Active Carbon Pre-filter and Cotton. Purpose: protection, dust, ...

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