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Corey Huntington Wade

Corey Huntington Wade Bio

Corey Huntington Wade kickstarted his career in the world of radio, spinning tracks as a DJ for esteemed metropolitan stations, including Gulf 104 in Tallahassee and WYNF in Tampa Bay. At WYNF, I made history as the youngest talent to occupy the coveted primetime slot and boasted the station’s second-highest ratings, just trailing their morning show.

After six enriching years in radio, I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a thriving business centered around designing and duplicating CDs for aspiring artists. My base of operations? The renowned P.L.U.G. Inc recording studio in Sarasota, FL.

As my design skills evolved, I ventured into the digital realm, giving birth to Cutting Edge Designs, an online design and printing venture. Simultaneously, my fascination with the ever-evolving field of SEO began to grow. We crafted a website for the printing business that skyrocketed to the top echelons of search engine rankings within weeks. With millions of monthly hits, our website became an unceasing source of leads, an astonishing feat for a printing company whose leads were primarily digital rather than paper-based.

Recognizing the digital marketing frontier as the future, I decided to part ways with the printing business and founded Go Big L.A., LLC, a comprehensive hub for digital marketing and branding solutions. Within no time, we clinched deals with corporate giants such as Roadrunner Shuttle, then California’s largest transportation company.

Always driven by forward-thinking, I identified a substantial opportunity in the realm of Virtual and Augmented Reality Development, establishing To The Moon 3D Technologies as a side venture. Through strategic SEO efforts and targeted ad campaigns, we secured substantial contracts with Fortune 100 heavyweights like GE, Goodyear, BET, and AT&T. Despite immense potential, I promptly handed over the reins to my development team at Paracosma, recognizing my expertise lay outside VR development.

Looking ahead, I believe the future holds boundless opportunities in the Crypto and NFT landscape. We’re thrilled to introduce Nexus.Art, a platform for artists, set to launch in the coming weeks. The Crypto and NFT space offers unparalleled potential, and I’m enthusiastic to contribute to the Global DeFi revolution. To The Moon! 🚀

Corey Huntington Wade Biography